About Saber

Saber Cabinets will set you apart by making a statement with a high-end aesthetic featuring powder coated frames, panels and doors as well as a finished interior.

Saber Cabinets are durable, heavy duty 18-gaugepowder-coated steel cabinets. Our cabinets are structurally firm, well-built and cleverly designed. The cabinets were designed to perfectly fit the residential garage yet, are sturdy enough to handle industrial and auto repair shops. Our cabinets offer an attractive and affordable way to organize your workspace for parts storage, tool cart overflow, or creating easily accessible storage in a work area.

Saber Cabinets are modular and can be configured to suit your storage needs.
Our cabinets feature slotted rear panels for optional wall mounting or to secure multiple units side by side.

Saber Cabinets are structurally designed to handle heavy loading when wall mounted.  We have all been pre-conditioned to accept the notion that cabinets require legs. Wall mounting is the preferred choice of Garage Professionals who design and install cabinets for the following reasons:

  • Wall mounted cabinets have a cleaner look and a more professional appearance

  • Cabinets can be set on or above a protruding foundation and fastened flush to the wall, leaving no gaps behind cabinets

  • Eliminates different leg lengths for cabinets installed along the walls with a sloping garage floor

  • Easier to clean underneath cabinets - No legs to accumulate dust and debris

  • Better access for finding and retrieving items that roll underneath cabinets

  • The threads on adjustable legs will eventually rust and accumulate dirt and grime

  • Space underneath cabinets can be used to store longer items such as conduit, PVC pipes, and lumber

Saber Cabinets storage lockers come as “Ready To Assemble” units. All other Saber cabinets come pre-assembled. Thanks to a unique fasteners system Saber RTA storage locker are extremely strong and rigid units. They are as strong as welded cabinets.

The storage lockers are RTA for the following reason: Customer safety and handling - Our largest cabinet 48" wide cabinet weighs 315 lb. By packaging the unassembled cabinet in 3 cartons, it
allows the customer to safely handle the parts/cartons without requiring specialized materials handling equipment.  If we shipped our 48" wide
cabinet as a single 315 lb. welded unit, it would be too heavy for most individuals to handle safely and without injury or damage to the cabinet.